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Does Tank Size Really Matter?

We are going to switch gears a bit with this post, and talk briefly about vaping as opposed to "smoke"
Although this site is called "Smoke" "Music", it is not necessarily all about smoking, but we figured we throw in at least one post.

Does Tank Size Really Matter?

A great vaping experience is crucial for one to quit tobacco smoking completely. Furthermore, if one cannot get satisfaction from vaping, they will end up backsliding. Therefore, it is always important to understand the components of a satisfactory vaping experience- with one of the most important being the tank size. There are many tank sizes available here at Vape Craft, Inc- from those that can only hold 1 ml of e-juice to those that hold up to 4 ml. Tank size certainly matters. Different sizes will bring different levels of satisfaction depending on several factors.

Below are the three major factors that affect your tank's size.


First, is the e-juice being used. If you have settled for one, then you can choose a larger tank. However, if you would like to experiment with a variety of e-juices, a smaller tank is the cost-effective way to do so, since, you will exhaust one flavor faster, without necessarily having to waste e-juice.

Type of Vaper

Different types of vapers will have different tank size preferences. If you vape regularly, a larger tank is ideal. If you were a heavy smoker, you will probably need to vape more times to get the desired amount of nicotine. A larger tank significantly reduces the number of times you should refill your tank. Also, it allows you to travel with fewer supplies. Once you have filled your tank, carrying your e-juice bottle might not even be necessary.

Vaping Device Being Used

Your vaping device is also crucial when you are choosing a tank size. If you own a MOD or any Sub-Ohm vaping devices, then you will need a larger tank. This is because Sub-Ohm vaping involves the production of massive vape clouds. Consequently, you will use more e-juice. Therefore, if you don't have a larger tank, you should expect to refill it every now and then. However, if you are using a regular vaping device, a regular tank size will do. Regular devices don't drain your e-juice as fast. So, the refilling intervals are fewer.

If you are new to vaping and aren't sure of the tank size that is most suitable for you, I would suggest that you purchase a clearomizer or cartomizer, instead of an atomizer. Clearomizers and Cartomizers allow you to experiment with a variety of tank sizes, while atomizers don't allow you that much flexibility.

A larger tank doesn't also mean that you need bigger vape batteries either. Use what is intended for the device 18650 vape batteries like these, are usually more than enough.

Remember, vaping gives the freedom to customize your vaping experience to match your preferences. And, to do so, the setup must be right. Your tank's size must match your device, you e-liquid, and most of all, your vaping needs.

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